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Comparison of Narrative



Comparison Jamie
Stephen Fry Chronicles = book Both written texts that were chosen were non-fiction. Stephen Fry’s book has a narrative that is chronological for the majority of the book but it does involve flashbacks to previous periods of his life. Stephen Hawkings’ book follows a similar pattern as he takes us through from the big bang and its subsequent consequences however the narrative is not in chronological order and instead focuses on different topics such as atoms or black holes at different points of his book. Read More…
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Genre Characteristics

Sci-Fi Film

Technologically advanced.

Shiny White cities.

Normally set on Earth.

Main Hero rebelling against a repressive.

Often an ancient story linking the past to the future.

Androids. Read More…

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72 hour media project – finished result

ok here is the final product 🙂

with all the problems we faced this is not too bad and thank you to you all for turning up and seeing it through as much as you could 😀

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update on production

Ok so a small group of us stayed back for a while after most to finalise details. we talked to a woman about using the road we wont and so long as the risk assessment is ok we should have the green light. You do not need to bring something about your dreams anymore the plan has changed for the running but we still plan to go ahea with this at 3 tomorrow 🙂

more details to be given then.

If we look at the possible effects of the infamous video game grand Theft Auto we are immediately given a number of obvious potential negative implications of playing this game. While it is highly unrealistic and does at least keep the violence to a basic level, I.e. there are no heads exploding or limbs tearing of, it is at such a level as to provoke feelings of disgust and outrage in the more sensitive of society. Read More…

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Week 5 Seminar notes

During this week’s seminar we talked about different ways of categorizing the population:

1.Demographics data are the characteristics of a human population as used in government, marketing or opinion research, or the demographic profiles used in such research. Read More…

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Mathew’s The active audience

In my cabinet of curiosity I decided to talk about hit film Resident Evil – Afterlife. This film is an action/thriller film, therefore it has a great deal of violence which can be influential to vulnerable audiences such as children and teenagers. The violence in Resident Evil – Afterlife can to some extent influence children or teenagers to reinact or perform the violence they saw in the film, for e.g. the fighting or use weapons like knives or crowbars. The reason why I said  Resident Evil – Afterlife can to some extent be influential is because the violence in it is very fictional which means most of the violence can’t be reinacted by children or teenagers simply because its impossible and unreal. The only violence that can be performed by vulnerable audiences is stabbing someone with a knife, hitting someone with a crowbar, fighting someone using basic fighting skills such as punching and kicking, or shoot someone with a gun. Resident Evil – Afterlife is rated ’15′ which means its meant to be viewed by mature audiences – no one below 15 years of age, but then again there might be 1 or 2 people who have the stupidity and insanity to attack someone using the violence they saw in the film. Vulnerable audiences might use the violence from the film to either get revenge on someone by beating them up or by beating up someone just to look cool and tough in front of their friends.

This youtube clip shows the degree of violence that’s in Resident Evil – Afterlife. Looking at the clip you can see why I was saying most of the violence in the film is too fictional for vulnerable audiences to perform or reinact. If you look at the level of violence in the film, you will understand why the film was targeted at mature audiences from the age of 15. This was done so that the violence is suitable and appropriate for people from this age to view.

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“We hate Big Brother, do you?”

We compiled a short questionnaire that looked at peoples reaction to the reality TV show Big Brother. We then broke this down into gender groups to see if this affects peoples responses. the results we found can be found below.

We asked a total number of 50 people these were 25 women and 25 men. Of these 25 there were ten participants in the age range 18-24 ten from the age range 25-35 and five from the age range of 35+.
Read More…

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Week 4 seminar notes

This week we started our seminar by re-visiting the three main concepts that we have so far been taught on our course.

Yeo Valley Logo

As revision point these concepts are:

  • Institutions – these are the people or companies behind the media piece in question. Read More…
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Week 3 Group Task “Who owns that stuff?”

Looking over some of our Cabinet of Curiosities ,we noticed that most of us like to delight ourselves by watching Television series or any kind of Sitcoms. That’s how we decided to take a closer look to the people who were behind the television series called “Scrubs”. Read More…

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